Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weighing In

I have my annual physical tomorrow. Fun times. Aside from having to get naked and have my blood drawn, the most dreaded part is getting weighed. Due to surgery last spring, I have lost quite a bit of weight. I’m more curious than scared of the weigh in. Still, as is my routine, I have planned out my outfit. It will be my flimsiest clothes (I think it’s cheating to show up in my underwear). Track pants, blouse, no watch or jewelry. Oh, and I always exhale before stepping onto the scale. This may be silly, but I can’t ever seem to set aside my uber-planning ways. In the past, I have tried to decline getting weighed. My primary physician is a no-nonsense kind of doc and doesn’t put up with my antics. Also, her skinny little blonde nurse always rats me out if I refuse a trip to the scale. My rheumatologist, on the other hand, is very sweet and gentle. About every 4 months I have a check-up for my knees. At every visit, her nurse says “Do you want to get weighed today?” and I answer “Ummm... noooo”. Little did I know, my refusals were being documented. Last month, my rheumatologist was looking through my file to see how much weight I had lost. She scrolled through the big file, reading out loud “Declined” over and over. Damn...I had no clue. Everyone was so non-confrontational. I just assumed I had been getting away with something. My doctor finally found a weight documented from October 2010. Wow - I held them off for over 2 years! I’m not sure if I should feel embarrassed or proud. So tomorrow, we’ll see how much my dietary transformation efforts have paid off. I may still act reluctant to get on the scale, so the nurse won’t think I sent a stand-in. Or maybe I should freak her out and beg to get weighed. I think she deserves to have her teeny tiny little chain yanked a bit.

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