Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blue Teeth

While I’m getting to know my new iPhone, I am also having to get acquainted with a new BlueTooth earpiece. My old one wasn’t compatible with the iPhone, so I had to buy a new State-O-The-Art one. I used the voice activation feature this weekend, and tried to call my daughter Molly. My BlueTooth called a bunch of names from my contact list - Shellie, Mick, Elaine, and the Vet (twice). It took 6 tries to connect to Molly. I believe this is a feature I can live without. One thing I enjoy about my new earpiece (alert the media) is the lady’s voice that speaks as soon as I turn it on. She says “Battery High”, which prompts me to sing “Bali High” from the musical “South Pacific”. Oh... I do amuse myself at times. Years ago, I encountered a woman near my house. She was walking along, talking and gesturing to no one in particular. She was alone. I had no idea she was wearing an earpiece and talking on her cell phone. I thought she was just an insane nutball. She didn’t seem crazy though. She was middle-aged and average-looking. No wacky clothes or tinfoil hat. Except she was talking to herself, or so I thought. Boy did I feel like a dork. My husband used to wear an earpiece when he went walking. For him, though, it was a bit different. His earpiece was a prop. He wore it so he could talk to himself without people staring. Hmmmmm... maybe they should have stared. One thing I’ve been wondering about... Do you call a bunch of earpieces BlueTooths or BlueTeeth? If I’m going to become techno savvy, I need to know. It might come up in polite conversation. Neither sounds right. I’ll go with “thingies” and stay my uniformed self. Too much enlightenment makes my head hurt. This process is going to take a while...

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