Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Out Of The Box

Today is the first day of 2013 and I’m stepping out of the old proverbial Box. It’s not a new year’s resolution... I hate those. If I’m going to make a change in myself, I want it to be when I decide - not when the retailers have it scheduled, like buying storage bins and gym memberships the day after Christmas. If I were to make a change to start the year out with a clean slate, I’d work on being a bit less road ragey when I drive. OK... a lot less road ragey. That’s at the top of my list. On today’s agenda, though, was to finally buy an iPhone. I can’t fight it any longer. The radio station I listen to while I’m at work has changed over to a Sports Talk format. Just shoot me. So, I’m hoping my fancy schmancy new phone will enable me to find my favorite radio shows. That’s the plan anyway. I got my first Official iPhone call from my daughter, and couldn’t hear her due to the fact I don’t yet know where the volume control is. Or maybe she was calling from Greenland. Take your pick. I am looking forward to the camera feature. My previous little phone had a sucky camera. Anything short of bright sunlight made the photos look like they were taken in the Bat Cave. My old phone was pretty easy to use, with a handy little keyboard. I’m sure I will master this new technology. I have to. I refuse to be old and out of touch. My last experience with a touch screen phone was dismal, and I came close to pitching it across the living room. But, hey... it’s a new day, and a new year. I’m moving on. I think my daughter is jazzed about showing me the ropes. She is the Master of All Things Phone. In her hospital newborn photo, her hands were surprisingly relaxed. Most babies have tightly-clenched fists. Not Molly. Looking at that photo today, I realized she was born with perfect cell phone hands. I could totally see that tiny baby texting or making her first call. Maybe there is a mutant phone gene in me somewhere, to aid in my technological transformation. Here I go... I'm stepping out.

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