Saturday, January 26, 2013


I had a dream last night about a childhood friend from school. I haven’t actually seen Sarah for 25 years and have no idea why I dreamed about her. Sometimes after I’ve dreamed about a random person from my past, I encounter their name again the next day. For instance, when my sister Mickey was about 10 years old she went through what we called her “Roger” phase. At that time, she liked to wear a blue and white football shirt and wanted us to call her Roger. One night a few years ago, I had a dream about someone named Roger. The next day, I was buying plants at a nursery and kept hearing a woman hollering at her son, Roger. After that I went to the grocery store, where I overheard someone in the produce department talking to someone named Roger. It was freaky. So, I called Mickey to make sure she was OK. That’s the only thing I could come up with. I figured the Cosmos was trying to send me a message. Most of my dreams don’t make enough sense to try to interpret. All I know is that I’m very, very busy in my sleep. My most frequent recurring dream is where I need to be somewhere in 15 minutes. I go to my closet to pick out an outfit, and my closet is full of clothes I’ve never seen before. I can’t decide what to wear, while the clock ticks slowly away. It’s actually kind of an awesome dream, and I have yet to select an outfit. Many of my dreams are bizarre and make no sense. In one, Donny Osmond was under my bed, trying to coerce my cat to come to him. I had no cat, which is only the beginning of what’s wrong with that dream. My strangest dream involved another celebrity - Madonna. In that dream, I was sitting on a toilet in the middle of some kind of large, warehouse-type room. While I was sitting on this public toilet, Madonna climbed out of it. OMG! Seriously, why the hell would a vision like that pop into my brain? I have frequent celebrity sightings in my dreams, but that one takes the cake. I much prefer the amazing closet dream. Not a toilet in sight, and it doesn’t embarrass me to talk about it. Now that I’ve told the world, let us never speak of it again.

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