Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rain Bonnets & Disco

As I left on my afternoon walk with the dogs recently, I saw an elderly neighbor lady out with her caregiver. It was sunny but extremely cold. This woman, bless her heart, was pushing her walker. She was wearing a dress under her coat, and I could see her poor little bare legs. She was also wearing a rain bonnet, which probably didn’t do much to keep her head warm. Gazing at that rain bonnet, it struck me that this item is something from a bygone era. Each generation has things they cling to, as time marches on. My mother was quite fond of rain and wind bonnets back in the day, to save her hairdo from the elements. I scoffed at this curious headgear, and vowed never to wear it myself. Seems to me I also cringed at the thought of getting my hair “done” once a week. So, I wonder what things my generation holds onto that my own kids scoff at. Music is always at the top of any generational list of things to make fun of. Disco is alive and well and living in my iPod, but it’s my own little secret. I don’t foist it on anyone, mostly due to not wishing to be the subject of the Eye Roll. My generation is having to get used to a paperless world. It’s weird weening myself from paper receipts and statements. I seriously doubt my kids ever fill out their checkbooks. They just check the internet, while I spend a couple hours every month balancing my checkbook. I find putting my receipts in little piles and matching things up kind of therapeutic, though. Go figure. I’m curious about what possible things currently cherished by my kids will be ridiculed by their kids. DVDs, iPods, skinny jeans? I will enjoy a front row seat, and try not to smile.

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