Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Holy Hottie

I saw a news report about what happens next to the outgoing pope, Benedict XVI. He’s decided to keep his white robes, title of Your Eminence, and his personal secretary. There was a photo of the Pope’s secretary, Archbishop Georg Ganswein. OMG... I’d like to keep him! They are calling him the George Clooney of the Vatican. I’m thinking of dumping George Clooney, and promoting this new Georg as my dream man. In addition to being really handsome, the fact that he’s a priest makes him even hotter - untouchable and forbidden. According to Wikipedia, Archbishop Dreamboat devotes his free time to playing tennis, skiing, and flying airplanes. He’s been a priest for almost 30 years, so I’m not sure when he became a proficient pilot. But who cares? Maybe he used his good looks to get a deal on flying lessons. I’d give him lessons, and I have no clue how to fly. Seriously, this man is gorgeous. In ninth and tenth grade, I attended an all girls Catholic school. Any man in the building was fair game for our teenage crushes. We had a few priests, and one in particular was in his 30’s. He wasn’t that good-looking, but we didn’t care. He was: A. young, B. a man, C. forbidden fruit, D. not Tony the janitor. The poor man taught us sex education, which he seemed to handle fine. Maybe the nuns would have freaked out given that task. Sometime after I graduated, I heard that Father had left the priesthood. I wonder if being around all of us sexy teenage girls was too much for him. I doubt I personally could have driven a celibate man to distraction, but you never know. Some guys really, really like those Catholic school uniforms and we wore our skirts pretty short back in 1970. The black and white saddle shoes might have been a buzz kill, though. The Pope’s personal dude has it pretty nice. He obviously has some mad language skills - he speaks Italian, Spanish, German and Latin. He must have the greatest deal a priest can have - a palace to live in, a sweet ride (Popemobile), and he doesn’t really have to be out mixing with the riff-raff. I will be following his career from afar. Sigh...

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