Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Plane Support

I read an article about someone who flew from Portland to Mexico with an emotional support animal. He was not allowed into the country, and deported back to Portland due to the fact that his emotional support animal was a kangaroo. A kangaroo... hippity hoppity, G’day Mate, giant mouse with a pouch. Domestically, unusual animals such as miniature horses, pigs, and monkeys qualify as support animals but must behave properly in a public situation. I assume this means support monkeys cannot throw pooh. So, where to begin? Let’s start with the kangaroo... Where does it put its tail while seated? Is it tall enough to hit it’s head on the overhead bin? I’ve learned from my kangaroo research (cartoons) that they can pummel a person with their feet, and they sometimes wear boxing gloves. Having these animals on a plane for emotional support makes me think that they travel inside the passenger cabin. I can’t imagine someone who needs a miniature horse for comfort would be OK with their friend being comatose in a crate somewhere in the cargo hold. How do these animals square with allergic people? Years ago I had a series of allergy tests, and found I had a severe allergy to cows and horses. Good thing I’ve never had to sit next to an emotional support heifer on a plane. There are signs on Seattle play fields stating that dogs, cats, and pot-bellied pigs are forbidden. I’ve always wondered what kind of incident triggered this ban. I’m pretty sure the pig played a big part, a big smelly part. I say let the pot-bellied pigs fly and comfort people, since they can’t play ball and run with the kids. Now, what to do with the kangaroos?

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