Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Staycation

I found out yesterday that my medical leave was used up sometime last Thursday. If I want to get paid (and I do), I need to use vacation time through the end of this week. Wish I would have known I’ve been on vacation for almost a week. I immediately changed my thinking from surgery convalescence to Party! The first thing I did was to move to the middle cushion of the couch. It was poofier than the corner one I had resided on for the last few weeks. I gained a totally new perspective on life by moving a foot east (not really, but I lead a rich fantasy life). I’m prohibited from driving until I’m totally off my pain meds, so I have to get creative to believe I’m vacationing while stranded at home. Today, I went spelunking in New Mexico. OK, I was really navigating piles of dirty clothes in the laundry room. I formed them into stalagmites to aid in the illusion. At least in my version of caving, there are no bats to scare me. Just dirty clothes. Tomorrow I plan on visiting Paris, where I will be painting on the banks of the Seine River. In the real world? Back in the laundry room. This time I will be painting my art picture frames. There is actually water nearby, though... a utility sink. A little smaller than the Seine, but maybe smells better (I have no clue if the real Seine has a smell). That leaves Friday. Hmmmm. I suppose I could go outside, sit my chair in the sun, and be transported to Cabo. Except it’s supposed to rain (hello... I live in Seattle). How about herding sheep in New Zealand? Not very vacationy but it’s a faraway place. I wonder if it’s possible to get my dogs to bleat like sheep. The far cushion of the couch is looking pretty interesting. Oh yeah, I got this staycation thing all figured out.

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