Monday, April 30, 2012

Remote Love Affair

I used to diss the use of remote controls. This, of course, was before I actually used a remote for my TV. I thought only extremely lazy people used remotes. Then, one came with my new TV. OMG... the heavens opened! I heard angels sing, and saw stars (kind of like meeting my first Kindergarten crush, Jimmy M). This morning I was reminded how much I love my remote control. I was passing through the kitchen, when I saw Willard Scott’s smiling mug on the Today Show. It was time for his Smucker’s-sponsored spot where he features people who are turning 100 years old. This moment was made for the Mute Button. I have nothing against centenarians. Good for them! Mr. Scott, however, is so embarrassing. He definitely qualifies for Shoe Inspection Time (see Blog #3). He habitually mispronounces people’s names. His inane comments make me scramble for the Mute Button every time - “Pretty as a picture!”. Ugh! My love affair with the Mute Button first began with the 8 years of the George W. Bush administration. Couldn’t grab the remote fast enough. If I heard NU-CU-LAR one more time I think my head would have exploded. Since then, I have become adept at the quick draw Mute. I can also jab the Last Button when something especially heinous pops on the TV screen. This button is useful when I want to avoid visual as well as audio. It comes in handy during commercials for medical devices, or the ever-upsetting save-the-animals photos. The lady who’s fallen and can’t get up, currently a Mute Button favorite, is moving toward Last Button status. Once, when my Yorkie was yapping her head off, I pointed the remote at her and hit the Mute Button. Funny thing... it didn’t work. Oh to invent THAT button. Sigh...

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