Saturday, April 28, 2012

Red Neck TV

What has happened to cable TV’s History Channel? It used to be the Everything-You-Ever-Wanted-To-Know-About-World-War-II network. I would turn on the History Channel whenever I felt my brain turning to mush after an overdose of murder, mayhem, and inane sitcoms. It felt good to learn something once in a while.  I would give myself a big pat on the back after viewing something on the History Channel. It was like voluntarily eating a vegetable when I could have had a cookie instead (bad example - like THAT is ever going to happen). So now, instead of finding incredible stories from the past, the History Channel is becoming the platform for all things red neck. For instance, “Mudcats” features men who fish for  catfish with their bare hands. Seriously... ever heard of a fishing pole? Can you really make a series out of this subject? What is different from one fish or mud hole to the next to justify more than one episode? Another show I see advertised is called “Swamp People”, featuring guys who hunt alligators. There are shows about guns, cars, and pawn shops. Where does the whole history part fit in? Granted, I have never watched any of these shows. I’m judging them without knowing all the facts. I admit that. But still, it doesn’t seem like they belong on a network called “History”. Perhaps I’m a snob. I’ve been called judgmental (or was that just mental?). How about this - The History Channel would be for, umm, history. The History RN Channel could be for all things Red Neck. Easy peasy. Just a suggestion.

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