Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hangover Delete Button

Please hold while I climb up on my soap box... I saw a story on the Today Show about the Hangover Heaven Bus. An anesthesiologist has come up with what he hopes is a money-making idea. Dr. Jason Burke bought a bus, and has set it up with comfy sofas and special IV bags. His idea is to have a mobile hangover treatment center and troll the streets of Las Vegas. He hopes to flush out the previous night’s hangover with fluids ($90) or vitamins ($200). This is disturbing on so many levels. My first thought is... Dude! Seriously, why can’t you make a nice living being a hospital anesthesiologist??? Somehow the Hypocratic Oath and “First do no harm” doesn’t seem to fit here. Personally, I can’t imagine voluntarily having an IV for something as trivial as a hangover. I had surgery a couple weeks ago, which included several awful IV experiences. OK, I admit I’ve always been needle-phobic. I find the IV insertion process exceedingly upsetting. I currently have a sore spot at one IV site on my wrist, where part of my vein is kind of hard. I’m not sure if it will ever go back to normal. The Hangover Heaven Bus and it’s mobile IV’s make me want to give Dr. Burke a big old knuckle sandwich. I have two words of advice for you, Dr. Burke - Michael Jackson. Your operation is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Hopefully nobody will die before your business is shut down. Use your powers for good instead of...maybe not evil, but gross, disgusting money-grubbing.

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