Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sights Around The 'Hood

This morning, while I was driving home from a local coffee shop, I noticed an interesting woman walking in the neighborhood. This prompted me to make a new list - Sights Around The ‘Hood:

-Woman in hat. It was 52 degrees outside. The woman was wearing a tank top, shorts, and running shoes. Topping it off (literally) was a wintery, itchy-looking hat with the ties fastened tightly under her chin. Kind of an incongruous look, like a bald guy who has a bushy beard.

- Large plastic cow. This life-size creature stood in the back of a pickup truck in someone’s driveway. It was black and white, my favorite flavor of cow.

- Woman with exotic birds. On Mother’s Day, I spied a woman walking with two large birds, possibly macaws. One was on her shoulder, and she was cradling the other one in front of her. Maybe they were going out for brunch. I know Seattle is starting to allow dogs in restaurants. I’m not sure where exotic birds fit into the equation.

- Guy holding a violin. This sighting occurred a few years ago, while I was driving to work. It was 5:00 am, and still very dark. The tall young man was standing on a neighborhood roundabout traffic island. He was standing perfectly still, and looking slightly down at his feet. I thought he was watching his dog go potty. As I drove past him, though, I saw that he was alone. He was holding a violin, and was not moving. I kept checking my rearview mirror, but never saw him move. Seems to me 5:00 am is too early to play “Statue”.

- Sign language driver. While motoring home one day, I noticed the driver in the car in front of me signing to the other two people in his car... while driving. He was using both hands to sign. I’m not sure I want to know what he was using to steer the car.

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