Friday, June 28, 2013

Ninja Prancercise

I ordered a little exercise bike on the internet, and it should arrive any day now. I hope it doesn’t end up being just a giant paper weight, or a a future yard sale item. I’m determined to get into shape. About 16 years ago, I bought a unicycle. At the time, my son Ben was in 5th grade. His school had brought in unicycles for the kids to try for a week. I got jazzed about it for myself. These were mere children. Certainly I could master a unicycle as well, I thought. I purchased my own unicycle, and named her Eunice. I got a helmet, and piled patio furniture on either side of me in the backyard. I tried to pedal and balance while holding onto the furniture. It was a total bust. Then I tried using two mop handles like ski poles. That was no easier. Basically, I would put on my crash helmet, pump up the tire, adjust the seat, try a couple rotations, and then quit. I think it’s high time to try again. I know Eunice is somewhere in the garage, possibly suspended from the ceiling. There could also be some new options if the one and two-wheel bikes don’t do the trick. I saw the Prancercise lady on TV the other day. She is a skinny Florida woman with big hair, who prances around in pearls and ankle weights for fitness. She also wears white spandex pants. That’s a deal breaker for me. I could channel my inner pony, but definitely would nix the pants. I’ve been seeing a commercial for a reality show called “American Ninja Warrior”. I have no idea what it entails, nor do I intend to watch it. A thought occurred to me... What if you incorporated Prancercise with Ninja Warriors? I could totally envision the outfit - Black hood and mask, pearl necklace, pants of one’s choice (Ninjas do NOT wear white spandex). Prancing and dancing like a fancy pony, while swirling numchucks. Hi ya... trot, trot! I might be on to something. The “Pony” was my signature dance move in high school. Foreshadowing of the future??? So, it looks like I have a lot of fitness choices coming my way. Hopefully, I will find the right option without ending up in a body cast. Stay tuned...

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