Thursday, June 6, 2013

Two Things I've Learned

My brain must be bigger today, because I’ve learned two things this week...

- At my physical therapy yesterday, I experienced Cupping. Sounds sorta dirty but it wasn’t. My therapist massaged my shoulders with lotion and then applied a blue rubber cup. It created suction, and was then moved around. It felt weird, but didn’t hurt that much. I kind of liked it. I was told it might leave a bruise. I later looked at my shoulders, and saw that I had two giant purple hickeys about the size of a tennis ball. I looked like I had been making out with a giant squid. Cupping has been around since 3,000 BC. I would love to know what led to its inception. It’s unfortunate it leaves unsightly bruises. Not that I hang out in halter tops and sundresses. I know what’s lurking under my shirt, though.

- My next door neighbor told me his dog caught a Mountain Beaver. WTF? It is neither a beaver nor does it live in the mountains. It is native to the Northwest. This creature is part of the rodent family and is described as a furry football with claws. It has tiny ears, beady little eyes, and a stubby tale. Info I found made the Mountain Beaver seem as elusive as Bigfoot. Not too many people have actually seen one. I guess my neighbor is one of the few. Mountain Beavers tunnel underground like moles, usually under trees and bushes. The article I read also said they eat their own poop, similar to rabbits. OK, make that three things I learned this week. I did not know rabbits eat their own poop. I will never look at Thumper or the Easter Bunny the same way again.

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