Thursday, June 13, 2013

Barfing Crow

On my way to work this morning, a squirrel ran in front of my car. After that, I saw a a crow that looked like it was throwing up. Hmmm... I wondered if it was some kind of omen. Then I forgot about it, and went on with my day. Nothing bad happened... until I was on the drive home from work. There was an accident in the Battery Street tunnel, closing it. This meant all the northbound cars on the Viaduct had to exit before the tunnel. Three lanes had to smoosh down into one. Ugh! Being the planner that I am, I was already in the exiting lane. As my lane barely moved, the cars in the other two lanes kept going by. Eventually, they had to merge into my lane, after jumping way ahead of me. This is a major pet peeve of mine. A few years ago, I was in a long detour. As I got closer to the end, a blonde woman in a red convertible pulled up next to me and motioned that she wanted me to let her in. By this time, I was steamed. I gave her my very best “No way, biatch” look and shook my head. She zoomed up ahead, went down another street and did a U turn. She ended up in front of me after all. As she drove away she looked in her rearview mirror, and waved back at me. Oh the injustice! The best I could hope was that she got a nice sunburn on the tippy top of her blonde noggin. When I drive, I sometimes have the maturity of a two year old. Today I had an appointment to get to, so I didn’t handle the whole traffic mess very well. I was ticked off at whoever caused the accident in the tunnel, and muttered at every car and truck that passed me by. It occurred to me that maybe this is what the barfing crow foretold. Either that or some nimrod just did a dumb thing inside the tunnel. Take your pick. My money’s on the crow.

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