Sunday, March 10, 2013

What People Earn

Parade Magazine came out today with its annual “What People Earn” feature. I can’t decide if I like it or hate it. It definitely doesn’t make me feel good about my salary. There are a few jobs listed that pay less than mine, but not too many. The highest earners make an obscene amount of money. I’m sure they make more in one day than I make over several years. Here is what I’ve learned from the article:

- Clowns only make $2,500 per year. I spend more than that at the vet in a year. Scratch this one off my list. Plus I don’t even like clowns. I suspect their makeup gives you zits.

- There is still a huge salary disparity between men and women. Brad Pitt - $35.5 million vs Anne Hathaway - $10 million. I don’t believe he has an Oscar, but she does. His sweetie is Angelina Jolie (ick), so maybe he isn’t that fortunate after all. 

- Quarterback Tom Brady makes $23 million. He and his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen have built a $20 million home. They blew almost their whole wad on their house. How are they ever to live on a mere $3 million? Oh the humanity... 

- Reality star Honey BooBoo makes $50,000. She is 7 years old. When I was that age, I didn’t even have an allowance. Nobody wanted to follow me around with a camera either, but still. I just don’t get it.

So, from this article, I’ve decided what to do if I want to be enormously wealthy - I need to become a professional basketball player, with a fragrance and basketball shoe line. Also throw in a reality show when I’m not charging $100,000 per personal appearance. Then, I will finally be able to replace the screen door on our back porch. Cha ching!

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