Monday, March 25, 2013

Going Around In Circles

I’ve never understood the fascination with watching stuff going around in circles. Take NASCAR for instance. As far as I know, a bunch of cars drive really fast in a circle. I have never delved into these races, so if there is more to them, I apologize. They just seem silly, and kind of boring. Maybe the draw is hoping for a horrendous crash. I went to a hockey game once with a friend. The crowd seemed to only perk up when there was a fight. It was amazing to watch. Also, we were sitting behind a deaf couple who yelled at the refs and players via sigh language. I found them way more fun to watch than the game. But I digress... The Olympic short track speed skating event is another going-around-in-a-circle sport. Unlike a car race, I find it too suspenseful to watch. Definitely not boring, but I still don’t enjoy it. One Christmas, my sister and I got a little train set. It had an engine and a few cars, and simply chugged around in a circle. After the first few times it went around the track, I lost interest. We piled our troll dolls on the train cars, which was amusing for a few rotations. Then, I was bored again. Finally, I went all Snidely Whiplash and put one of my trolls on the tracks. I didn’t need to tie her to the tracks. I just laid her across and waited for the carnage. The little train didn’t drive over her. It hit her and stopped, and then tipped over. Not what I expected, but interesting all the same. I think at that point I was done with train sets. I’m sure there are many more spectator events involving some sort of track that would have the same snooze factor for me. Maybe I expect too much, or am high maintenance. Or maybe I’ve missed a concept that the rest of the known world seems to appreciate. Guess my membership card got lost in the mail.

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