Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weather Wussies

For the first time since moving to Seattle 22 years ago, the rain is getting to me. I don’t mind gloom... I actually prefer it. The rain, however has made walking my dogs unpleasant and a real challenge. One of my three dogs, Lucy, is now 12 years old and more than reluctant to go on walks. In nice weather I literally have to drag her. When it’s raining, it’s nearly impossible. The alternative, however, is piles of pooh in my living room. So, rain or shine, I look like a real meanie dragging my doggies around the neighborhood. It appears to me that many Seattlites feel the same way about the elements. I have always been bothered by these weather wussies when it comes to the appearance of a single snowflake. Lately, it seems that rain is also a thing to be feared. My favorite local news station, King 5, seems to have gone off the deep end. The early morning newscast (4:30-5:00 am) has been featuring a reporter motoring around the city to report on weather and road conditions. The camera is usually focused on her face in the front seat, rather than at the End-Of-The-World-As-We-Know-It happening outside her window. This morning, she was cruising around Seattle, talking about puddles and standing water on the roads. The camera was focused outside the car for a change. Then, the whole thing got really silly. Apparently it was only drizzling outside, so the reporter played an audio recording of how the rain sounded a few hours before, in the middle of the night. Talk about your slow news day. Seriously? It’s rain, and this is Seattle. Do the math: 118.62% + Pi x EMC2 - 4 = puddles, wet shoes and toe fungus. Until it’s raining frogs or fire, the weather won’t peak my interest. Those who are freaked out by the rain need to move to Arizona. It’s almost winter... snow is probably around the corner. Oooohhhh be afraid... and alert the media!

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