Saturday, December 1, 2012

Extreme Sonicare

I was sorting laundry today, and pre-treating all the yucky spots. I grabbed a sweatshirt of Rick’s and started in with the Shout. He had streaks of toothpaste all down the front, around the neck, and in various places on his sleeves. There was also toothpaste on the BACK of his sweatshirt. WTF? You’d think after 38 years of knowing him, this would not surprise me. Still... how does one get toothpaste on the back of one’s shirt??? I see Rick wander through the house while he brushes his teeth. Somehow he doesn’t drop toothpaste on the floor, but that seems to be the only place left untouched. I bought a Sonicare toothbrush years ago. At first, the whole family used it. Eventually, though, only Rick stuck with it. When he brushes, the whole thing goes into his mouth... even the part that would be shared amongst the family. This may be the reason the rest of us quit using the Sonicare. It’s kinda gross to see Rick brush his teeth, tonsils and Adam’s Apple. He totally gets into the process. By the time he’s done, there is toothpaste on the bathroom mirror, all over his face, up his nose and sometimes in his eyebrows. It reminds me of when my daughter was a toddler. After eating, we would be picking food out of Molly’s hair, off her face, and from between her toes. She wouldn’t stay put in her high chair and liked to sit on the tray. I thought about feeding her in the bathtub, to aid in the clean-up process. Maybe Rick should think about brushing his teeth in the shower. He couldn’t walk as far, but there is a little bit of pacing room. Think of the money we’d save not having to buy Shout so often. As the resident laundress, I think it’s a fine idea.

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