Saturday, August 18, 2012

Trapped In The Family Truckster

My husband is a real Renaissance man when it comes to music. He will listen to all music except rap and heavy metal (he’ll listen to Gregorian chants, and he isn’t even Catholic). He downloads entire CDs on his iPod, which by now must hold a gajillion songs. I, on the other hand, am extremely selective when choosing what makes it onto my iPod. My music is mostly Motown, disco, and songs from the 70’s. I’m very picky about my music, which creates a problem when I drive Rick’s car. His car radio (if you can call it that) is too high-tech for me. It has one dial and no buttons. It is linked to Rick’s iPod and I have no clue how to control anything but the volume. So, driving his car is a challenge - Do I listen to the mysterious clanking sound coming from underneath the car, or brave potluck coming out of the music thingy? Here is the random sampling that I listened to while driving Rick’s car today: 

  -  John Denver
  -  children singing in Spanish (Huh?)
  -  some kind of Hillbilly music (Is my redneck aversion showing?)
  -  something classical (I have to turn the volume way up, then forget to turn it down)
  -  more Hillbilly music (I think my ears are starting to bleed)
  -  something in a foreign language (my high school Spanish is not helping)
  -  jazz
  -  something with talking and banjos (pictures in my head are making my eyes bleed)
  -  more jazz, with a lot of doobeedoobeedoodoowopwop
  -  starts out sounding like disco (yay!) then evolves into mandolins and whistling
  -  Stevie Wonder (back when he was Little Stevie Wonder) 
  -  Paul Hardcastle (NOW we’re talking!)

This broad range of music drove me nuts. God bless Rick and his appreciation for all music (except rap and heavy metal). Next time I will opt for the mystery noise under the car.

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