Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sexy Stuff

I think I have a problem with sexy movies. They make me giggle. I’m pretty sure that isn’t the targeted response. Many years ago my husband subscribed to the Playboy Channel. I think this was mainly due to the fact that he was living outside of Utah for the first time in his life. Party! So, I tried watching a few of the movies, but apparently didn’t do it right. My immediate response was to say “Oh, I’m sure that would happen!”. It turns out the plot in these features is not supposed to be noticed. It doesn’t matter if it seems unbelievable. I guess you’re not supposed to worry about stuff like facts. So, in my mind I sort of felt sorry for the leading ladies. They were gorgeous, had enormous boobs, but were apparently too poor to afford underwear. They may have had nice houses and fancy cars, but none of them owned panties. Perhaps there was a medical or mental reason. I suppose they all could have just forgotten to get dressed all the way. In addition to the missing underwear problem, there seemed to be a plethora of aggressive landscapers, pizza delivery men, and pool boys. A ringing doorbell seemed to automatically lead to the female’s bedroom. Hey people...Pizza can go cold that way! All the times I’ve ordered pizza for delivery, I’ve never ended up in my bedroom. You’ll find me at my kitchen table, eating my pizza, underwear firmly in place. My lawn care guys service my yard, not me. I just don’t get the sexy stuff. Tee hee.

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