Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Sexy Stuff

I heard the Octomom was going to appear in Tacoma to promote her new porn video “Octomom Home Alone”. Mother of a porn video. My first thought was a comment I’d heard pertaining to Michelle Duggar (mother of 19) - “Your uterus is not a clown car”. Now THERE’S a movie! Nadya Suleman, deep in debt, has turned to porn. I’m assuming she has had surgery since the delivery of her octuplets. Skin can only snap back so far. Perhaps they will utilize special effects from George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic. Hey, it worked for Star Wars. Get out the giant airbrush!!! According to an article I read, the premise of the video is the Ocotmom pleasuring herself around her empty house. Hmmmm. Well, first off, being ALONE when you’re the mother of 14 children should be pleasure enough. Seriously, she should stop right there! I could totally make a video of me alone in my house, experiencing pleasure without ever taking off my clothes. Basically, as long as I have a TV, I’m happy. Being able to see my dining room table after clearing away piles of mail and assorted papers, causes me some serious bliss. Finding cookies that are still crisp in the cookie jar is ecstasy. Granted, none of it is sexy, but it’s pretty great all the same. Ok, I realize nobody is going to watch that movie, but what is the draw with the Octomom? Is it her willingness to do anything for money? Some people are drawn to freak shows and I can’t think of a bigger freak show than the Octomom. Apparently she has also released a single, called “Get On The Dance Floor”. I think my iPod missed that one. I have been accused of being judgmental, which is probably pretty true. So, I will now back off my dissing of Ms. Suleman. Good for her... she is tenacious, and puts herself out there. Wow, I feel like a better person already. One question, though - While she is traveling on her porn tour, who is watching the kiddies? Just wondering... not judging.

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