Sunday, June 10, 2012

Two Kinds Of People

I was chatting with my younger sister, Mickey, today. We were talking about how people go through life. She thinks there are two types of people - Those who ask permission before doing something, so as not to offend, step on anyone’s toes or (God forbid) get in trouble. That would be me. The other type of people don’t ask permission. They just do what they want, and it all works out. Or if they get in trouble, no big deal. This would be Mickey’s way. Let me clarify - She does what she wants, but isn’t mean and doesn’t abuse other people. She just doesn’t seem to worry about stuff (this may be why my hair is almost white, and hers isn’t). My older sister, Kathy, is a bit more of the permission-asking type than I am. Once in a great while I will stray, step out of the old box, and dare fate. But not often. Mickey drove the hearse from my aunt’s funeral, and also drove a digger machine that arrived to do work on her property. She just said “Hi, I’m Mickey and I’ll be driving this. Scoot over.” I think we are stamped at birth with our personalities. The way we cope is set, barring any life-altering event. I am a planner, my euphemism for not adventurous, loving routine, not minding rules. I know it’s silly to try to foresee any disaster ahead, but I do it anyway. I hate to scramble at the last minute and have to go to Plan B. I want my life always to be on Plan A, but know that’s just not how it works... damn it all. After my conversation with Mickey, I drove to get a latte. On my way I saw a girl riding a bike wearing flip-flops. I automatically scrolled through the Rule Rolodex in my brain and went straight for the flip-flop rule (actually there were two of them). 1. Never, never, never ride a bike in flip-flops. You can scrape your toes. 2. Never, never, but never mow the lawn wearing flip-flops. That’s a great way to cut off your toes. So, Mickey has a lot more fun making her way through life. And I stick to the rules, which apparently makes me happy. Also, I will probably make it to the end with all my toes.

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