Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Bizarro World

I’m pretty sure it’s not a full moon tonight, but I have seen some mighty strange things today. The people who dance to the beat of a different drummer seem to be out in full force. Here is a sampling of what I mean:

- I saw a lady coming out of a local neighborhood market this morning. She was wearing her slippers, nightgown, and a silky cream-colored bathrobe. It was about 40 degrees outside. If you’re going to shop in your jammies, at least be weather appropriate. I think flannel would be more suited to the cold.

- A woman ran past me. She was dressed from head to toe in yellow-green spandex. Only her face and hands showed. She looked like a chartreuse sperm. 

- I drove past a woman who was standing near the street. Some kind of small fireworks or sparkler activity was going on in front of her. She had her arms raised above her head and was jumping up and down. The big election was 5 days ago. Perhaps this was a delayed reaction. 

- My daughter saw a man riding his bicycle. He was dressed entirely in bike gear. He was also wearing a yellow tutu. Awesome! Last time I wore a yellow tutu, I was 8 and in my first ballet recital. I was a bumble bee, with yellow wings and pipe-cleaner feelers. I still yearn to wear a tutu, but suspect I’d now need a four-four. I would dress my kids in them if they were still little. Yes, even my son. That’s how much I love tutus. Maybe Bike Guy was on his way to some sort of dance recital.

Party on, all you interesting rule-breaking free spirits. I envy you.

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