Thursday, July 26, 2012

All Things British

I’m somewhat of an Anglophile. I dislike that term - it sounds kind of pervy. I do love all things British, though. I was listening to my car radio on the way to work this morning. A female British singer was being interviewed. I can’t remember her name, but she had a heavy accent. Then she sang a song, which reminded me of something I’ve always wondered about. Why is it British people sound American when they sing? Their accent totally disappears. The Beatles were accent-free in song, as are the Rolling Stones, George Michael, & Elton John. I could go on and on, but you get my point. Wassup with that? It kind of reminds me of the old “Gomer Pyle” show. Jim Nabors played Gomer, who talked like, well, a gomer. Then, the writers of the show would script it so Gomer had to sing. He would turn into a guy with the voice of an angel. An angel with a very deep voice. When the song was done, Gomer the doofus would be back. All the little old ladies watching the show would wipe a tear from their eyes, and sigh with contentment. And I would roll my eyes at the lameness of it all. Ok maybe this isn’t like the British singers at all. But speaking of Britain, the 2012 Summer Olympics in London start tomorrow. The final Olympic torch bearer is a big secret. As soon as I heard that, a vision popped into my head. Picture it - Queen Elizabeth in a jogging suit, purse on her arm. Would she be wearing a crown? Perhaps. Or in the spirit of the event, she could wear a diamond-encrusted baseball hat. She is in her eighties, so I doubt she could run or even jog. How about the Queen riding on a Segway? OMG! Now there’s a vision. The stadium is darkened. Suddenly a spotlight captures the Queen motoring in on a Segway, purse on one arm with the other raising the Olympic torch. Now THAT is a sight that might bring a tear to my eye!

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