Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Officially Stir Crazy

Yesterday, I decorated the dog. I think that makes it official that I have gone stir crazy. It was Cinco De Mayo, and I thought it would be fun to take a photo of one of my dogs wearing a tiny sombrero. Yup...way too much time on my hands! I printed out a drawing of a sombrero, cut it out, and pasted it onto a pointy party hat. This art project took me about an hour. Then I deputized my Scottie dog, Cosmo, to be my lovely model for the photo shoot. It was a rousing success. I was able to share Cinco De Mayo wishes with my friends and family, as well kill and hour or two. So, what to do today? I heard on the radio this morning that 77 years ago the Hindenburg blew up. Perhaps I should try to make a blimp costume for one of my dogs. Oh the humanity! The radio report also said the Lusitania oceanliner was sunk this week during World War I. I’ll bet I have enough colored paper or fabric to make a cruise ship costume, and perhaps a German sub. OK, the ideas are starting to form. Brains cells are snapping. If my dogs knew any better, they would be trying to find a place to hide. They can’t choose under the bed, as I put a body pillow there last time Lucy tried to hide. (I hated dragging her out by her leg to give her a pill.) But I digress. Only total boredom would push me to start thinking about getting out my sewing machine. It’s never been my idea of a good time to sew. Only necessity, such as Halloween, has made me decide to create with fabric. I wonder what my high school Home Ec teacher would think. I doubt it would surprise her to know I might be using my limited sewing skills to fashion dog costumes. She was never impressed with me, but then again, creativity wasn’t high on her list of admirable qualities. I’m sure she wouldn’t have thought to sew a German sub costume for a Scottie. Anybody can follow a dress pattern. Not that many people could design a fabric submarine. Hmmm... Now where did my dogs go?

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