Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Knee Rehab - Day 5,280

Today marks the 5,280th day of knee surgery rehab. OK, not really but it’s starting to feel that way. Tomorrow will mark four weeks since my knee surgery. I’m finally starting to feel like a normal human, with a fake knee that won’t bend very much. Today I got restless... Vegging out in front of the TV wasn’t cutting it. I got my cane out and took a walk up to the local coffee shop two and a half blocks away. My daughter has been afraid for me to go out alone with my bum knee. I guess she thinks I will trip and roll out into the street, or maybe fall down and roll over onto my back like a potato bug. Trust me... I couldn’t roll over if you paid me. My bod just isn’t moving all that well yet. I had a lovely walk, and only had to tell three people why I was using a cane. One elderly neighbor offered to drive to the store if I needed anything. He had at about fifteen years on me, so it was a sweet offer. The hike to the coffee shop didn’t squelch my boredom, so I ventured into our bedroom to check the status of Rick’s shirts and ties. He likes me and Molly to match ties with his shirts. He has been going out the door with some interesting choices, so it’s probably time to intervene. I spent about an hour playing the Matchy-Matchy game. I’m not sure if Rick will enjoy my endeavors, but it killed time and I had fun. I tried a couple of new, really painful exercises. I had to get on the floor, which caused my three dogs to come sniffing around. They have hung out with me, mostly sleeping, for the past month. Now I was down on the floor... WTF? Lucy rolled around next to me and farted in my face. After that it was a blur... a really smelly blur of pain. When I was done with the exercises, I got up from the floor. It’s good only the dogs were there to watch me, as it wasn’t a pretty sight. This afternoon I’m being dropped off at the grocery store while Rick walks the dogs. Never would I ever think I’d be excited to go grocery shopping. And who knows? Maybe I will get to tell my knee story to hordes of new people. So sad...

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