Friday, April 25, 2014

Pay Per View Naughtiness

It has been 23 days since my total knee replacement surgery. I still love watching TV, but am kind of getting desperate finding something new to watch. I haven’t yet gotten to the point where I actually turn off my TV. So, I decided to branch out from my programmed Favorite channel listings and see what’s out there. That’s when I noticed the “interesting” names of shows on Pay Per View (Apparently, PPV is the cable TV spelling for PORN). Here are some of the titles:

Great Boobs Galore 3

My Wife Wants Your Wang 3

There’s A Party In My Mouth

3-Way Teen Nymphos Unleashed

Lez Make A Sex Tape! (Arts & crafts?)

Howlin’ For Dat Butt 5 (Sounds a tad bit racist.)

Dirty Cheating Wives (Aren’t all cheaters dirty?)

She’s Got A Rockin' Rack 3 (More car chases than #2?)

Prague Orgy Party (I’ve heard the Czech Republic is lovely.)

Amateur Bus Stop Pick-Ups (So much wrong here... where to start?)

Butt Cheeks Aquiver 1 (When was the last time you saw the word "aquiver"???)

40, Hot, And Ready 2 Screw! 6 (Something tells me this isn’t about home improvement.)

Tight Licking Vivid Lesbians (Vivid? Maybe someone was trying to find another adjective and “vivid” sounded dirty.)

There were a lot more titles, but the remainder made me make a bad face and gag a bit. I’m pretty sure I want to save my money for something else. I’ll stick with re-runs and might eventually crack a book.

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