Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Resolutions

Now that Christmas is over, we can kick the last year in the shorts and move on to hopefully a much better year. Retailers put all their storage supplies on sale and try to force us to get organized. We are inundated with ads for exercise equipment, fitness programs and diet aids. It’s time to slim down while we are packing away all our junk in our new plastic storage boxes. Change is in the air whether we like it or not. I don’t usually make resolutions, but I could benefit from some self improvement. So here goes... In the year 2014, I plan to:
  • Try to get more sleep. 
  • Become reacquainted with my exercise bike. 
  • Step in less dog poop, especially in my living room. 
  • Learn to twerk (right after I master pole dancing). 
  • Get one of those Mike Tyson face tattoos (just kidding). 
  • Learn to play the oboe (OK, not really. I just like to say “oboe”). 
  • Clean the garage, and any nook or cranny that hasn’t been touched in 10 years. 
  • And the Grandaddy of all resolutions - Be more tolerant and less judgmental. If successful, I will need a new hobby because the judging thing has gotten kinda big, ugly and time consuming. I may have time for the oboe after all.

Here’s hoping 2014 is one of the good ones!

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