Monday, July 22, 2013


I spent much of my Sunday afternoon trying to de-stenchify my living room carpet. My little Yorkie, Stella, uses it quite often as her personal toilet. She’s a very smart little dog, and has several pee pads strategically placed throughout the house for her use. For reasons unknown, at least to me, Stella likes to mix it up a bit and pee wherever the hell she wants. I know it’s time to shampoo the carpet when I notice not only my nose hairs, but my eyebrows are burning from the inside out. So, the process began with the assembly of my new Dyson vacuum. I did it all on my own. Hooray for me (OK, in truth it was a no brainer). There is a learning curve to the Dyson. It’s a weird shape, and doesn’t feel or work like all my previous vacuums. I assume I will get used to it. It really sucks... in a good way. After vacuuming, it was time for the shampoo step. I made one pass with the soapy water, but found there was no dirty water to empty when I was done. Hmmm... strange. I should have stopped there, but I went on to step 2 - another pass with just clean water. Again, there was no dirty water to empty. Obviously, the shampooer needed a sucking lesson from the Dyson. I looked online for troubleshooting tips, and could only find a recommendation to make sure the dirty water container lid was shut. I did that, and ran the shampooer over the carpet one more time, without water. Again... zip, nada, nothing. I had to leave the fence up that was blocking the living room. My three doggies parked themselves next to the it and stared longingly at the couch and their toys. I gazed longingly at my nice big TV. Stella was probably busy deciding where her temporary toilet would be. Upstairs? Downstairs? On the stairs? So many choices. In the meantime, Rick took the shampooer to the repair place. Turns out it was operator error (me). Some hose I never use had become detached, therefore no suckage. This afternoon, I ran the water only step again, and voila! It totally sucked! An awesome turn of events. We should all get back to actually living in the living room by tomorrow. Who knew I would ever wish for something to suck???

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