Monday, September 24, 2012

Disney's Damn Vault

During the Primetime Emmy Awards show on Sunday night, there were a couple of commercials for a remastered version of Disney’s “Cinderella”. Both commercials seemed to say “You’d better buy me before I go back in the Disney vault or else!”. I felt a bit threatened. “Cinderella” is my favorite of all the Disney animated features. The heroine is spunky and not a goody-two-shoes like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White. There is some depth to her. While watching the commercials, I was reminded of a question I have always had - Why is Cinderella’s headband connected to her earrings? Was this in case she had to dash at the last minute to beat her midnight deadline? This fashion question has been niggling at my brain since I first saw the movie a million years ago. Another such question is regarding the horns “Sleeping Beauty" villainess Malificent wore. Was that just a scary hat? Maybe I was concerned that if I was a bad girl I might start to sprout horns. A girl’s gotta know. Disney animators were masters at creating villains. Most of them have been women, and beautiful. This is such a stroke of genius! Nothing is more sinister than evil hiding in plain sight under a benign facade. I think the thin baddies are also more menacing. They seem hungry, and not in a Gee-I’d-Like-A-Cookie kind of way. There is one more Disney fashion dilemma I’d like to solve. At the end of “Sleeping Beauty” two of the fairies disagree whether Princess Aurora should wear pink or blue. I have spent over 40 years trying to decide which I prefer. As soon as I decide blue, something tells me that pink is prettier. You’d think at some point I would realize this was not really my problem. Hello... ANIMATION... not reality. Still, I wish I could decide. Maybe if all the Disney videos were banished to the vault if I didn’t pick blue or pink, I could make a decision. Until then, though, I’ll take pink... no blue... Sigh...

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