Saturday, July 6, 2013

Divas Giving Birth

I went grocery shopping today, and was again assaulted at the checkout stand by stupid magazine headlines. I forgot I was going to try shopping with my eyes closed. Jessica Simpson had her baby this week, and apparently experienced DELIVERY ROOM DRAMA! At least that’s what the headlines told me. I think, however, corners are being cut. I do believe that is the same headline from two weeks ago when Kim Kardashian had her baby. Only the photos have been changed. I don’t care enough about these celebutards to read the articles. Do they really encounter turmoil every time they breed? I gave birth twice, but don’t remember any drama. My husband forgot the camera at home, and left me to go get it. Pissed me off (only because I didn’t want to be photographed), but I don’t think that qualifies. Perhaps one has to be a celebrity to experience drama while giving birth. Are there photographers hiding behind an IV stand? Autograph hounds waiting outside the delivery room? I am so tired of hearing actresses talk about giving birth and raising their children as though they invented motherhood. They can afford nannies, drivers, and assistants that are not an option for the rest of us. Maybe they consider it drama when they have to actually squeeze that melon-sized object out of that too-small escape hatch. On their own... no assistant can do it for them. I’ll bet there will be no drama stories when Princess Kate has her baby. She has class, being an actual royal person. The divas on American magazines are not usually the cream of the crop. Many are just spoiled brats who demand attention. They are the lesser talents, who make a living by being in the news rather than on their own merits. I suppose there must be people who eat this stuff up. Otherwise the magazines would churn out other stories. Next week, I should try to just go through the checkout stand with my eyes closed. I can still grocery shop with my eyes open. I’m sure the cashiers will understand.

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